Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen is a licensed, inspected commercial kitchen that serves a wide variety of needs from caterers, temporary restaurants, food peddlers to food manufacturers. We are excited to support our community and small entrepreneurs by taking care of the legal necessities to enable your passions and business to grow. Below you will find information and the forms necessary to book our kitchen space - please feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to working with you!

Community Kitchen Rates

All rental fees are collected prior to the use of the kitchen and are non-refundable.

Clients may carry-forward a maximum of five unused hours to the next month.


Monthly Fee


10 $150 $15.00
20 $250 $12.50
30 $345 $11.50
40 $460 $11.50
50 $525 $10.50

Rental contracts are based on the number of hours Client will use the kitchen in a month. Rates permit 1-3 persons working from the same company with 3 max. Add-on Rental Hours during the month are at the related cost per hour when voluntarily paid. Client may notify CJCK (Cultivate Jax Community Kitchen) of additional hours as needed.

Registration Fee

$10.00 fee required prior to listing CJCK as your licensed kitchen.

Cleaning Fee

A $25.00 per hour cleaning fee is charged to Client’s account if CJCK has to clean up after Client.  A Clean-Up Checklist will be provided to all clients as the space is expected to be ready for use by the next person.

Initial Inspection Fee

Required for your licensing inspection. $15.00 fee is required upon scheduling your initial licensing inspection.

Community Kitchen FAQ

Will I be the only one in the kitchen when I schedule my time?

Not necessarily, the kitchen is shared by others who are renting, but you can schedule when others are not likely to use the kitchen.

What are the starting costs?

Registration Fee $10, Initial State Inspection Fee $15 and reserve your hours. (You may start the day your license is issued by the state).

May I carry hours forward?

Yes, a maximum of 5 hours per contract month can be carried forward.

Am I required to clean up after I am finished?

Yes, it is your responsibility to clean prior to leaving for the day. A cleaning fee of $25.00 per hour will be charged to your account if we clean up after you.

Do you have freezer, refrigeration, and dry storage available?

No. Dry storage may be possible.

Do I need a food handler's’ certification?

Yes, your license requires that someone from your company have a Food Safety Managers Certification.

What do I need to do to use Cultivate Jax Community Kitchen?

Complete an application.

Do I have a monthly obligation to purchase hours?

Yes, as a licensed client, you agree to purchase at least 5 hours a month from your license issue date in order to claim CJCK as your kitchen.

How will I have access to the building 24/7?

You will be given a code to access the building.

How many staff can I have with me?

You can have up to 3 people (including yourself).

Do I need insurance?

Yes, proof of insurance with Cultivate Jax, LLC listed as a loss payee certificate is required.

Is smoking allowed at Cultivate Jax?

No, this is a non-smoking campus/ property.

Interested in using our kitchen?

Let's get cookin'!

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